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JPY Solutions System Co. Ltd.

JPY Solutions Systems Co. Ltd. is a warehouse storage racking system partner that is dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering good quality products, excellent service and after sales services at an acceptable price/value relationship.

With the fast growing of every business in the country right now, a need for storage is inevitable, and this promising trend is an opportunity for JPY Solutions System Co. Ltd. to help you with your storage racking system. Regardless if you’re a small, medium, multinational or international company, as long as you need a full service storage racking system, you can count on JPY Solutions System.


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JPY Solutions System Co. Ltd.

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The owner and its people gained the knowledge and experience of working in the storage racking system industry for many years.


To supply the racking system andits services is to help our client utilize their storage taking into considerationits safety and efficiency.


To be the one of the most trustworthy and reliable storage providers in the industry.